Improving Your On-Course Management

Last updated: February 17, 2023

Q: Although I seem to hit the ball just as well as my friends on the Driving Range, I can’t seem to shoot a score as low as them. Why is that?

A: Improve your on-course Management

1. Imagine playing the hole from the flag backwards to the tee box: Using this image in your mind will help you develop a sense of where the trouble is. Good golf is as much about improving those playable misses as it is about hitting quality shots.

2. Know your strengths & weaknesses: Keep track of your stats both on the range and on the course. Track your fairways hit, greens in regulation (GIR), number of putts & Sand saves.

Continually tracking your stats will help you understand your strengths & weaknesses so you may devote your practice time on the Range improving on your problem areas and inadequacies.

3. Avoid trying to play the hero shot: Avoid the Hero shot at all costs. Instead, try punching or chipping your ball back into play. Attempting the hero shot usually leads to more trouble and higher scores.

4. Don’t let a bad shot ruin your round: The average player will dwell relentlessly on a bad shot, which inevitably leads to even more bad shots! Let it go and focus 110% on the present shot you face. Forget your previous shot will rarely have 2 bad shots in a row again!

We hope to see you working on your game at the Driving Range soon. Thanks for swinging by!