Stitch in Time, Saves 9

Last updated: February 17, 2023

Summer golf is the greatest. We get to play whenever we want, the course is in great shape, and usually our game is in great shape. The downside is that we do not get as much time to practice as we may hope to, usually because we are spending all of our time playing. If we start having troubles with one aspect of our game, and it's been a few rounds, we suggest you work on it right away. Don't let bad habits creep into your game because it could be a quick fix right now, or it could be a big fix later on in the year. Think of your game like a car. Maintain it, and it will run smoothly, neglect it, and it may break down on you. If you don't know what to fix, let us help you, it could be as simple as standing further away.