Safety on the Range

Last updated: August 4, 2023

Summertime brings more people of all ages and calibers to our driving range facilities to learn, improve, or hone their golf skills! Many of us love the peaceful feeling we have as we’re hitting balls the range, loving the sound of our driver as it strikes the ball and sends it close to the 300 yard target! Although we want everyone to experience Burnaby’s range facilities with new mats and balls, we need people to always be mindful of safety and etiquette on our ranges.  For your safety, here are some things to be aware of while on the range:

  • One person per stall. Spectators must stand on the walk-way behind designated tee boxes while golfers are swinging.
  • For safety purposes, never practice outside of your designated stall (bay) and tee area. Always use the designated marked spaced on the driving range tee mat. Never hit range golf balls off of the grass surface on the driving range or venture out onto the grass area.
  • To avoid errant shots, align all golf shots towards your target on the practice field.
  • Always be aware of neighboring players.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be directly supervised by an adult. Waiting children must remain on benches and be monitored to ensure their safety. Disruptive and dangerous behaviors will not be tolerated.
  • The game of golf teaches amazing concentration! Mentally, you have to be extremely focused when you play. For this reason, the serious golfer will always prefer the range to be quiet while practicing. Please respect the rules of the golf course and driving range etiquette while visiting the range. The complete list of rules and etiquette are posted at our driving ranges.

Golf Burnaby appreciates everyone’s enthusiasm towards the game of Golf and we love seeing new faces out at our teaching and practice areas. Our staff wishes to ensure the safety of all patrons – please be mindful of your own safety and respect other patrons when visiting our facilities. Happy Golfing!