Practice with a purpose and improve your game

Last updated: February 17, 2023

For most golfers, going to the driving range is the only way they can improve their game. While this is true and time well spent, we can make our time practicing more productive if we have a clear understanding of what our outcomes are after each golf shot. By using the poles at the end of the range as our guide, we can start to get a clear picture of whether or not we would have hit the fairway or green, or missed and hit the ball into the rough or trees. As a guide, here are the distances right or left of your target and this is where you would be if your golf ball traveled one pole right or left.

100 yard shot - 5.5 yards right or left

150 yard shot - 8.5 yards right or left

200 yard shot - 11 yards right or left

250 yards - 14 yards right or left

As we can see, the farther you hit the ball, the farther the ball travels offline. By knowing how far we can miss to the right or the left can help us pick the correct target on the golf course. If I have a tendency to miss to the right by two poles from my intended target, from 150 yards you will miss 17 yards to the right. If you pick a target that is under 17 yards left from a water hazard, or a penalizing area, you are probably not going to execute your desired shot and therefore are taking an unnecessary risk.

We all have the ability to hit perfect shots, and we all have the ability to hit some pretty poor shots at times. We want the reader to come to the range and practice and find out for themselves where they miss the ball. Then when playing the course minimize your risks by understanding where a potential perfect shot will go and a potential missed shot will end up.

Click here and watch this video and get a clear understanding of how we want you the golfer to practice to improve your game.