Positivity in Visualizing

Last updated: February 17, 2023

Success is only achievable by believing in yourself - and this is especially true in your golf game. Everything in golf has choices. Do you use the 3 wood or a driver?  Should you aim for the right side of the green or the left? Are you thinking about hitting the fairway, or thinking about your last round where you hit it in the lake? The positive thoughts referred to here for the game of golf are often called “visualization.”

If you’ve taken lessons at a Golf Burnaby facility, we may have asked you to picture the shot in your mind. How high are you going to hit it? What direction? Where might it land? This is crucial in making a good shot because it’s important to plan for positive visual outcomes, and this also helps to block out any bad thoughts or negativity.

While we talk a fair amount about visualizing your shot, we also need to visualize the hole in front of us too. On the tee box, you might think about hitting the fairway then hitting the green… but what about when you miss that fairway, or miss that green?

This is when self-confidence or positivity can help your game. When you’re playing well, you probably have no trouble brushing off a bad shot and thinking how you'll make birdie or par from there. But when you're not playing well, your mind may go to a more negative place. Visualize a birdie or a par from behind that tree, or visualize yourself getting up and down to that tight pin and let your swing do the work. What’s the worst thing that can happen?

"I can’t wait to save par from behind this tree."

"People won’t believe this up and down."

You might just prove yourself to be right more times than not. So, you may as well be on the good side!