New Golf Rules that might interest you

Last updated: February 17, 2023

Rules of Golf

  1. Putting with flag stick in - permitted, and recommended! If you can stop the ball 2-3 feet past the hole consistently then it won’t give you any more of an advantage. But if you do hit the ball too hard on occasion, the ball will have a better chance of going in, and if it does not go in, the ball will always stop closer to the hole than if the flag was not in (Only if you hit the flagstick of course).
  2. Ball wedged against flag stick and side of hole is now deemed as holed
  3. Search time - You can now only search for your golf ball for 3 minutes instead of 5, before deeming the ball lost.
  4. Dropping - From knee height now, instead of from shoulder height
  5. Double hit - Have you ever chipped it, and accidentally hit it again in the air? Well no need to worry anymore, it will only be counted as the one hit.
  6. Ball moved during search - If you accidentally move the ball when searching for your ball, you simply just have to put the ball back in its original position. No penalty
  7. Embedded Ball - Free relief anywhere through the golf course
  8. Measuring the drop - Use your longest golf club (putter is excluded for those of you still using a long putter)
  9. Ball unintentionally hits equipment - no penalty
  10. Touching sand by accident is no penalty
  11. Loose impediments can be removed anywhere
  12. Dropping a ball out of a bunker - 2 penalty strokes going back on the line from the pin as far as you would like.
  13. Touching the ground in a penalty area - no penalty
  14. Ball moves on green after being marked - no penalty and replace
  15. Ball moves on green - no penalty
  16. Damage to green can be repaired