The importance of layering your clothes in cooler weather

Last updated: February 17, 2023

The key to golfing in the Off Season is layering your clothes.

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About every 5 degrees celsius that the temperature drops, the golf ball will travel around 2 yards less. That could mean a full club difference from the beautiful 30 degree summer we had, to a 5 degree round of golf in November. Wearing the right clothing during the cold months can keep that drop in ball speed to one club by using these tips for layering up.

The way you dress in the winter season will have significant impact on your swing or stroke. Try to avoid wearing tight fitting, heavy outerwear clothes when golfing. This will hamper your ability to create the proper body rotation and not allow your body and arms to swing free. When heading to the course on those chilly mornings dress with several loose fitting layers that you can shed when the temperatures rise, a lined sweater is perfect because it keeps the heat in and the cold wind out. Keeping you head, hands and feet warm will also make those winter rounds much less frigid. Wear a hat or toque, winter golf shoes, warm socks, winter golf gloves along with a pair of big golf mitts to wear in between golf shots. Hot shot hand and toe warmers will also take the bite out of the winter chill.

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Stay warm and Happy Golfing!