How an old wedge can be costing you strokes on the Golf Course

Last updated: February 17, 2023

How an old wedge can be costing you strokes.

Each year brands come out with the latest and greatest technology for their woods and irons to help you hit the ball further and make the face more forgiving than the previous year’s model. Rarely does a company come out with a test that compares its new product, to their own product after being used for a season. Titleist has done just that with their wedges, and it shows how much a wedge actually degrades in performance over different ranges of use. Check out this refreshing video from Titleist to see the difference between the same club after 125 rounds, 75 rounds, and brand new:

Watch this video from Titleist.

With 125 rounds we are seeing 8 steps of roll out compared to 3 steps with fresh grooves. Now think about how close some pins are to the front of the green. Those 5 steps less roll can be very useful for 1/3 of the holes on the golf course with a front pin. If you recently purchased new wedges, good for you! You are ahead of the game.

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