How to gain more Distance

Last updated: February 17, 2023

When thinking about a driver, and gaining distance off of the tee, we need to first think about why this would be a good idea for your game?

The reason we want to help you hit it farther, is to help you hit more greens in regulation (GIR). If we are not going to hit any more GIR because of direction issues, it might not be worth the pursuit. 

The first step is to see what your club head speed is now. Club head speed is a great way to measure your potential for distance. Once we have your maximum club speed, simply multiply that number by 2.6 and that will give you your potential carry distance. 

If we run that scenario out with two different swing speeds:

90 X 2.6 = 234 and 92 X 2.6 = 239

We can see that just a 2 mph swing speed increase, you will have a potential to hit the ball 5 yards further.

So, how can we do this?

1. Club Fitting

If you are not reaching the right launch angle and spin rate for your swing speed, you are leaving yards behind. The goal is to hit a 1.5 smash factor with your driver as consistently as possible with centre contact, and have the ball carry and roll the optimal amount. The next is to match the right shaft weight and shaft length to your swing. Lighter does not always mean faster. The only way we can tell what makes you swing the fastest, is by trying all different weight options. 

2. Power screen test

This test goes through some simple power movements. After factoring in all of the tests, we can see what your body has the potential to swing.  If your test results show that you are swinging the club at your maximum potential, the we can send you to work on your power in the gym, and through speed exercises. If your test results show that you have the potential to swing faster than you already do (the majority of golfers), then we can work on your technique to squeeze every yard out of your body. Or we can do both to really see some speed gains for the next season.

We can help almost all golfer hit the ball farther with just a few modifications. By working with a golf instructor, you can see distance gains, without sacrificing accuracy.

Remember, distance is only valuable if it means we are hitting more greens in regulation. There are proven ways to do this for each individual, and we would love to show you how.