The Golf Grip

Last updated: February 17, 2023

Whether you're an avid golfer or just starting out, having a solid grip (connection to the golf club) is one of the keys to having success on the golf course. 

Styles: whichever style you use, make sure your hands are together. You should not see any of the club grip between your fingers, or between your hands.

Thumbs: having a "short thumb" is when your thumb is touching the index finger bottom knuckle. This helps to promote a consistent grip for every swing. It also helps with stability at the top of the golf swing.

Pads: Do you wear out your gloves faster than your friends? This might be because you are resting the wrong part of your hand on the grip. Putting the pad under your pinkie finger on the top of the grip will give you more control, and less twisting of the club in the swing. You might feel like your lead wrist is "over" the club, rather than beside the club.

Pinkie: the little finger on your lead hand does a lot of heavy lifting for you. Make sure you give it a full connection to the club so you do not have to add any more tension to your golf swing. 

Watch the video below for clarification.