Driver Fitting - What to Expect

Last updated: February 17, 2023

With golf clubs being limited in how fast the golf ball can bounce off of the face, the best way for you to get more distance off the tee is to get custom fit for your golf swing. If you are launching your driver too low, or have too much spin on your drives, a well fit driver will go farther for your swing.
What to expect when you book a fitting at Golf Burnaby.

Pre-Fit Interview

Before coming down for the fitting, we will get a little bit of information about you and what you are looking for. This will help in our preparation to ensure that the right equipment is ready for you to test.

Day of Fitting

Try and arrive early for your fitting so you are all warmed up and ready to go. We will start by testing your current equipment, so make sure you are giving the new product a fair fight. Know your stamina level, and make sure you will have enough energy to last the fitting.

Determine Head Model

After hitting your own club, and a selection of the new models, we will start to have a better idea of what head model will work best for you. If we see you are hitting the club face inconsistently, we may choose to go for the more forgiving club head, but if you are consistent with the strike, an advanced model, or lower spin club head may be best for you.

Shaft Flex

The flex to choose is related to your club head speed, and your tempo. At this stage we will find a good shaft for your swing. At the end of the fitting, we may want to fine tune our numbers with a different shaft option, but the shaft flex will most likely stay the same.

Loft and Lie

Now that we have a good idea of what head and shaft flex we want, we can start to dial in the club. By changing the lofts, we can influence your launch angle and spin rate quite dramatically. Much more than with the shaft. Some drivers allow us to influence the lie angle of the golf club. By making the club more upright, we can see more draw bias to the club, and by making the club flat, we can see more fade bias.

Fine Tuning

Now that we have an understanding about which club works best for you, we can start to fine tune. By changing the weight, and length of the shaft, we may be able to influence swing speeds, contact, and shot dispersion patterns. This is also a good time to talk about what kind of ball is best to play. If we are looking to change your spin rate numbers slightly, changing the type of ball may be the best way to achieve your goals.


Now that we have a driver fit for you, it is time to put it to the test. By hitting your current club, and the perfectly fit club at the same time we will now be confident that you have the right club to get the extra performance you are looking for. Remember, if it’s not out-preforming your current driver, then you will have peace of mind knowing that you are still using technology that can compete with the latest and greatest.