Am I Practicing to Improve My Score?

Last updated: February 17, 2023

To properly answer this question, I must first ask you a very important question. What percentage of your practice time do you chip and putt? Is it 40%, 30% or closer to 15%!?

A quick and easy way to improve your game is to practice the different parts of the game in proportion to how much you use each part of the game on the golf course. For example, let’s say you shot 100 and had 36 putts.  Then, at least 36% of your time should be spent putting. Hit only 10 drivers on the golf course? In this case, that should only take about 10% of your practice schedule.

Typically, everyone can spend more time practicing their short game. So next time you’re on the course, take some time to actually track your shots! Try playing the pitch and putt courses during the off season and count how many tee shots, iron shots, pitch shots, chip shots and putts you take.

Once you have tracked your performance, then you can figure out your own percentages and focus your practices to help improve your game. An added bonus?  It’s absolutely free to practice at our chipping and putting greens, so there’s no excuse not to work on that part of your game.