Alignment and it's relationship with how you aim

Last updated: February 17, 2023

Alignment is often overlooked when a golfer is trying to problem solve a poor shot. If you become very good at aligning your golf club to the target, you will have an easier time creating a repeatable swing. If a shot is missed to the right, or left of the target, always ask yourself if you aligned there first, before blaming your swing for the mistake.

Throw down an alignment stick, or even just reference the edge of the mat the next time you are practicing. If you feel like you are aligning left or right of where you know the alignment stick is pointing, then you are more than likely to miss align on the golf course.

After every shot, stand behind the mat. Trust the view off the mat more than the view from over the ball. When your eyes are not the same distance from the target and level with one another, your brain may be filling in the picture incorrectly. Picking a spot a foot or two in front of the golf ball, directly between your ball and your target can give you an intermediate spot that you can trust more. This is because you won’t have to move your head as much to reference the spot. (Watch the video below)