Book a Tee Time Online (up to and including November 21st only)

You may book a tee time online up to three days in advance beginning at 6 a.m. daily. If this is your first time booking online, you will be required to set up a new customer profile.It is recommended that you use the email address already registered to your name on your existing Golf Burnaby profile; that way you may be able to avoid the process of player validation at the till. Because the person booking the tee time is fully responsible for the reservation and is assumed to be playing, be prepared at check-in to validate your reservation with your ID and the credit card that was used to secure your reservation. This is required to prevent no shows, inadequate notice for cancellations, over-booking (more than one tee time per person) and, confirmation of the player as indicated in reservation. We will not honour any reservation booked through a 3rd party.

Only Adult rates will be displayed on the new reservation site. Those who qualify for a Senior (65 or better) or Junior (18 and younger) rate will be required to show government-issued photo identification upon check-in to obtain these rates whenever they are available. Payment for tee times will be taken at the golf course and the rates displayed include GST.

Although our initial daily tee time inventory is available online, you may call the golf course directly at 7:30am (summer) or 8:00am (fall, winter) for cancellations for same day, next day and two days out and, for same day singles times where cancellation have occurred. With the exception of cancellations, we are no longer holding times specifically for phone-ins. 

  • Burnaby Mountain Golf Course: 604-280-7355 
  • Riverway Golf Course: 604-280-4653

Tee times are generally available from sunrise to sunset. Some times are not available during the season due to frost delay, course maintenance, advance tournament and pre-paid group bookings. Early morning lead groups are expected to set the Pace of Play for the day.

During inclement weather in the off season, please confirm your tee time by phone. During the winter months, early tee times may be delayed if frost or sub-zero temperatures are an issue. Snowfall may prevent the course from opening.

Tee Time Booking Policies

Tee time availability may be restricted due to tournament, event, league, course maintenance, or frost delay.

You may not book at both golf courses on the same date.

A maximum booking of one tee time (four players) per person is permitted per date.  In order to be equitable, Golf Burnaby staff will cancel additional (subsequent) bookings on same date and/or alternative golf course as per this policy and you are subject to have your tee time booking privileges suspended and/or being charged for the additional booking.

To qualify for senior (65 years & up) or junior rates (18 years & under), proof of identification is required at check-in unless your email has been registered to a profile that has already provided this information.

Please call the golf operations office (604 297-4493) during regular business hours for more information.

For an additional charge, we often have a limited number of Advance bookings available.

Tee Time Cancellation Policy

Online bookings must be cancelled by calling the Pro Shop. Whenever possible, please allow 4 hours notice for same day tee times and a minimum of 12 hours notice for tee times which fall in the first 4 hours of sunlight. We appreciate as much notice as possible so others may have opportunity to play. Giving advance notice will ensure you remain in good standing with your online golfer profile.

Groups failing to show up for a tee time without cancelling online will be responsible for the payment of the entire booking on the credit card provided and subject to the suspension of booking privileges in the future.

If you hope to modify (but not cancel) your existing reservation, please call the golf course directly (ie: adding a 4th player to a threesome). Please note that these requests are not always possible.

Advance Booking Fees

We hold 3 mid-day tee times throughout most days for advance bookings at both Burnaby Mountain and Riverway but availability is extremely limited in high season. Each player must pay an additional booking fee of $10.00 to secure an advance booking. To enquire or book, please call the Golf Operations office between 1:30 - 3:00 pm at 604-297-4493 or email

Privacy Policy
The City of Burnaby has taken steps to protect the personal information that you provided when you registered for Golf Burnaby profile. All credit card information is managed by Golf Now (NBC Universal) and not by the City of Burnaby. Pre-authorization of your tee time will be released automatically upon check-in or processed by Golf Now whenever advised of the missed tee time. Review our Privacy Policy.





We are working on implementing a new golf management & online booking system in the new year. We are aware that our older systems are having difficulty dealing with the surge in demand the local golf industry has been seeing since the onset of COVID. We are getting hundreds of people logging in each morning to book the 45 tee times we currently have available at each site (October 2022). During the summer we were able to offer up to 90 tee times per site; therefore more people were able to get a reservation. Drastically decreased hours of sunlight has limited tee time inventory despite the fact that demand remains pretty much the same throughout the year -  especially when the weather is favorable. Golf Burnaby also hosts year-round weekly leagues, tournaments, and corporate events in addition to course closures required this time of year to allow for aerating and other cultural practices that are needed to keep Burnaby's courses in good condition. Here are some suggestions to help you:

  • Call the golf course you wish to play at to check for same day, next day, and 2 day out cancellations. Tee time cancellations will be honoured when they are done by calling the Pro Shop. We do not put these cancelled tee times back into online inventory (available by phone only). Currently, Fridays tend to have the most cancellations and availability for phone-ins.
  • We will remove any duplicate bookings (one tee time per person per day at either site). These will go into the phone-in inventory.
  • If you are receiving error messages when attempting to book a tee time, create a new online profile. People are experiencing error messages when there are multiple profiles with the same log-in emails and/or passwords. Create a new password and consider adding your middle initial to distinguish your new profile from others in the system. If the system won't allow you to set up a new profile with the same email, contact the golf operations office to delete it from your profile or set up your new profile with a different email address. 
  • Please do not use a shortcut (bookmarks/favorites) to the "Tee it Up" booking engine. If there have been any updates, you will miss the recently updated booking page. Please go to and click the LOGIN button.
  • The "Tee it Up" system will award the tee time to the person who is able to enter the required information the fastest. The tee time will become "hung up" when multiple users have selected the same time or if the tee time is no longer available. Fortunately, the new system will hold the tee time for a set period of time before it is released to another user.
  • If you are not successful, you are welcome to try again throughout the morning. Tee times that were previously "hung up" and not booked as a result often become available when demand subsides.
  • Be aware that 9am-1pm are the most sought out tee times and therefore the most difficult times to obtain. Afternoon tee times are often available and much easier to book.
  • If you are willing to play during forecasted periods of rain, you should be able to obtain a tee time without issue. Playing in the rain can still be fun if you come prepared.
  • A very limited number of tee times are available for advance bookings for a non-refundable advance booking fee of $10 per person. We are typically booking 2 to 4 weeks out as demand is extremely high. Please email with your name, phone number, the golf course/date/time you are wishing to book, and how many players in your group (maximum 4). She will call or email you to discuss options and availability within 5 business days. 

We thank you for your patience and continued support!