The advantage of Custom Fit Golf Clubs

We can have a love-hate relationship with our golf clubs at the best of times. It is easy to blame a bad shot on them, and it is easy to place all the praise on your new $700 purchase when you hit a good shot. But is this the best way to get the most out of your game?

Getting clubs that are custom fit to you is so much more than just getting the most distance out of your driver (although that is a big perk). It is also making sure that we stay within the "Goldilocks" zones when looking at launch angle and spin rate. (Remember that storybook take with the too cold, too hot, and just right porridge?)

Why is this so important?

Your personal launch monitors

Improve your swing! Both Burnaby Mountain and Riverway are offering ES15 launch monitors on their ranges! You will be able to measure your distance, ball speed, spin rate, smash factor and club speed for each shot. If you wish to analyze your swing's DNA, come check out our innovative new launch stalls! Easy to use with instant feedback - 15 minutes for only $6.00 (tax included). By connecting your smart device to the ES15 through Bluetooth, you will also have access to the free app and can record your session, save and analyze your data. Come and check it out! 

Watch this video to see for yourself on how easy this machine is to use!

Where golf can take you by Rachel Maruno

I’ve taken a lot of golf lessons in my life, but, the first lesson I ever took was a Burnaby Mountain Golf Course.  Growing up and living across the street from the course, much of my time was spent there; playing, practicing, and even working in the pro shop.  I was fortunate to receive support from both the Senior Men’s and Women’s clubs which I’m grateful for as golf has opened many doors for me. 

New Driving Range Hours (Effective Sunday, Nov 6th)

Attention Driving Range Patrons,

New Driving Range Hours will come into effect on Sunday, November 6th, 2022



Monday, Wednesday & Friday the Driving Range will open at 9:00am

All other days will open at Sunrise.

The last bucket will be sold at 8:00pm and closed at 8:45pm.


Burnaby Mountain:

Driving Range will open at 8:00am daily

The last bucket will be sold at 8:00pm and closed at 8:45pm.

~All hours are subject to change due to business demand, maintenance or weather~


Sport Terms

Sports in general have a lot in common with one another. Perhaps because we are obsessed with golf that we keep hearing sports cliché’s that work well for golf.

Here are a few that come to mind:

New Set of Downs (Football)

When we are stuck in the trees it’s easy to try for the Hail Marry pass. The hail marry would be considered trying to thread the needle through tiny gap in the trees. Instead of trying the high risk play, sometimes it’s best to go for the middle of the fairway and get yourself a new set of downs so you can live for another play. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you commit to the shot with confidence.

Get Pucks Deep (Hockey)

Developing your full potential

Pia and Lynn from Vision54 are leaders in developing the entire athlete, not just the technical skills of an athlete. They talk about developing the Technical Skills, and the "Human Skills" at the same time.

To quickly assess if you are training your "Human Skills" ask yourself:
• Do I commit to the plan I made before executing the swing fully on all shots during my round of golf?
• Or did I change my alignment once I was over the ball?
• Or did I flip my wrists just before impact because I did not trust the ball would go high enough with the club and technique I decided on ahead of time?
• Do I worry about a hazard during my golf swing?

Golfers do this all the time on the golf course, but rarely work on the "Human Skill" of committing in practice.

So let us ask you a few questions about your practice habits.

Hydration becomes increasingly important in the Summer months

As we move closer towards the heat of the summer, staying hydrated on the golf course becomes increasingly important.
Water makes up 55-65% of body mass, while the brain is comprised of ~75% water. As such, both the body and the brain require a sufficient daily intake to work optimally.
Even mild levels of dehydration result in declines in performance:
• Reduced endurance, feeling fatigued especially during the back nine.
• Reduced muscle strength and coordination needed to hit the ball consistently
• Poor temperature regulation, dizziness, confusion
• Reduced motivation and increased perceived effort