Is My Driver Swing Efficient?

We've all asked this question before. Is my golf ball going as far as it should with the effort I'm putting into my swing?

The answer for most people is no.

We want to transfer the energy that we have created into the ball to the target that we have selected. Anything else is deflected energy, creating too much side spin, or too much backspin. With our irons, we are looking to hit down on the ball. This gives us the best way to hit our golf ball clean but also adds backspin to the ball so it stops nicely on the green. With the driver, however, we have the ball teed up, allowing us to have the club come up with the ball at a degree or two. This allows for more energy transfer to the ball but also reduces the backspin allowing for more roll out on the fairway.

So, how do you make the change?

Having your clubs and swing assessed is a great start. Sometimes even just having a shorter shaft in your driver will help you deliver the club to the ball the correct way. Also, a quick adjustment to your grip or stance can give you a better opportunity to maximize your effort.