Celebrate Burnaby's 125th Birthday!

Please join us as we celebrate Burnaby's 125th Birthday on the weekend of September 22, 23, & 24th. Buckets of 25 balls will be available for $1.25 per person and clinics are being offered at 1:25pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for only $1.25 per person! Happy Golfing!

Is My Driver Swing Efficient?

We've all asked this question before. Is my golf ball going as far as it should with the effort I'm putting into my swing?

The answer for most people is no.

Safety on the Range

Summertime brings more people of all ages and calibers to our driving range facilities to learn, improve, or hone their golf skills! Many of us love the peaceful feeling we have as we’re hitting balls the range, loving the sound of our driver as it strikes the ball and sends it close to the 300 yard target! Although we want everyone to experience Burnaby’s range facilities with new mats and balls, we need people to always be mindful of safety and etiquette on our ranges.  For your safety, here are some things to be aware of while on the range:
• One person per stall. Spectators must stand on the walk-way behind designated tee boxes while golfers are swinging.

Online Booking Disruption

Due to system maintenance scheduled on Wednesday, June 14th, there may be a temporary disruption in the Online booking system. While we hope to have the service up and running by midnight, but there may be a slight delay. We are sorry for any inconvenience. 

Why You Could Be Losing Up To 30 Yards

The saying, “it’s not the machine, it’s the operator” is one that we all hear from time to time when we are blaming our clubs for our bad shot. While this may be true on some occasions, it could also mean that you're using the wrong clubs for your swing. With the development of launch monitor technology, we can now see how a club can influence your ball within seconds. 

What Club Fitters Look For

Once we have determined your swing speed, there are two numbers that we look at the most when fitting: Launch Angle and Spin Rate.

Burnaby Mountain Parking Lot Upgrade

Please be advised that the Burnaby Mountain Golf Course, Driving Range, and Clubhouse parking lot is currently being upgraded. Parking is currently limited but parking is available in the overflow lot at Squint Lake. Please allow extra time to park your vehicle as delays are anticipated during this time. We’re sorry for this inconvenience.

Friday Ladies Performance Series

This women’s only development series is designed for the golfer who is ready to take their game to the next level. It is our desire for you to fulfill your performance potential while helping spark your passion for the game in a relaxed and fun environment. Our PGA of Canada female professionals will cover everything from golf specific yoga sessions to course management strategies and swing analysis techniques from tee to green. Come and discover your true potential in this unique and intimate learning environment with a group of like-minded ladies. Space will be limited to 8 participants, maximizing each golfer’s personal interaction with our two highly trained and experienced instructors.
May 12 (Burnaby Mountain) / May 26 (Riverway)

Kensington Golf Course Update

The City of Burnaby continually evaluates its capital assets and infrastructure which includes its roads, sewers, buildings, recreational facilities, green spaces and waterways. Whenever an asset reaches the end of its projected life cycle, it requires a plan to either supplant or apply improvements and modifications to extend its life cycle and functionality in order to maintain demand for its projected future use. In evaluating the functionality and demand for pitch and putt courses within the local area, the whole golf market has been really suffering and has seen a steady decline for demand over the past 10-20 years - especially in the pitch & putt category; Kensington included.