The Science of Green Speed (Part 2)

In the last issue we discussed how mowing and rolling were the two main visible parts of the equation for developing greens that have a smooth and fast ball roll. In this issue we will discuss what goes on behind the scene to ensure a quality putting green. This part of the equation is far more diverse and sciencifically related.

TURF HEALTH + SOIL PHYSICS + SOIL BIOLOGY + CULTIVATION + IRRIGATION make up the foundation of the science of green speed.

The Science of Green Speed (Part 1)

Green speed or ball roll has been measured on putting greens since before the invention of the “Stimp Meter.” In 1935 Edward S. Stimpson developed the first device to quantify the speed of greens, but it was not regularly used by the United States Golf Association (USGA) until 1976. In 40 years, putting green speeds have dramatically increased from two main factors: better mowers and light weight rollers.

In 1970, the US Open putting green height was about 5.5mm. The most recent mowers allow superintendents to mow grass below 2.0mm in height.

Getting the Most out of the Driving Range

Question: How do I get the most out of my practice time on the Driving Range?

1. Be methodical and specific:

  • Focus your thoughts on what you intend to practice on.
  • Be specific in setting your goals.
  • The quality of your practice is more important than how many ‘swings’ you make.

2. Warm up your body and loosen your muscles:
watch video.

3. Specify your practice goals. For example, break your hour practice into 15 minute intervals.

New Website: Let’s Hear from You!

Welcome to our newly redesigned website! We hope you like it! We are keen to hear what you think about the redesign. We have created a website that is easier to navigate; connects to our other online experiences such as social media, videos and eNews; and has plenty of images and content for you to enjoy. Another key change that we have made is to create a website that is fully responsive to provide you with optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices so you can easily read and navigate with a minimum amount of resizing, panning and scrolling from almost any device from desktop to mobile phone. 

In efforts to bring the website to you at the opening of the golf season, there are still a few improvements that we are making. Please bear with us as continue to update and change.

Burnaby Golf Festivals — A Hit!

Hundreds of golfers came out to the recent Golf Festivals held in this spring at the Burnaby Mountain and Riverway golf courses. 

Our CPGA golf professionals were on hand offering golf clinics on various topics, providing custom club fitting and video swing analysis for golfers who want learn more and improve on their game. Representatives from Callaway, Ping and Misumi demonstrated the latest golf equipment. And, representatives from the Bridgestone Golf provided golfers with ball fitting.

It was a great morning to work on your game, learn more about the “technical” aspects, and of course, there were prizes and food — fun for golfers of all ages!

Too Busy to Practice?

Visit our golf course at lunch time and hit a bucket of balls at the driving range. We have a value packed menu items at the Riverway Clubhouse and the Clubhouse at Burnaby Mountain with a variety of options for our corporate clients and green fee players alike. Our staff is mindful of customers with time restrictions so you can either stop in for a quick lunch or pick up a hot dog or pre-made sandwich to take with you to the range.

Bunker Shots

What is the difference between a fairway bunker shot and a green side bunker shot?

Fairway Bunker Shot: When hitting out of a fairway bunker, remember to keep your lower body quiet, keep your feet still, grip down on the club, and make sure that the ball is moved back in your stance. When striking the ball you want to hit the ball first and then the sand. Try to remember to do your best to pick it clean out of the sand!

Greenside Bunker Shot: When hitting out of a green side bunker remember to open your club face and stance. Adjust your ball position so that the ball is forward or off of your lead foot. Remember to adjust your posture so that you are sitting down on the ball versus standing tall. If you stand too tall you will thin your green side bunker shot. When striking the ball remember to hit the sand first and try to make a splash.

Bistro at Burnaby Mountain Clubhouse Renovations

If you haven’t been by recently, next time you’re at Burnaby Mountain Golf Course, be sure to drop by the Bistro and see our recent renovations. The renovations are occurring in a phased approach, so we thank you for your patience as we continue to complete this project.

The Bistro is a great place to re-energized before your round, or after the 9th hole. You can pick up snacks, sandwiches, juice, coffee and more to get you to the next tee. After your game, drop in for a coffee or for soak up the sun on the patio with some appies and beverages.

Even if it isn’t a golf day, you can drop in with friends or family for lunch or dinner and savour the tasty dishes from Mulligans menu. Did you know? Mulligan’s was recent recipient of the 2015 Dine Out Vancouver Best $18 Menu.

It’s a great day for golf, and great day for food. Drop by and see us!