Enjoy Year Round Golf in Burnaby

在Lower Mainland(低陆平原)的正中心,感受本拿比高尔夫球场的自然美景和壮观的高尔夫设施,享受私人会所般的奢华体验。

  • 在不列颠哥伦比亚省一流的高尔夫球场体验西海岸高尔夫球
  • 在我们的两个非比寻常的18洞高尔夫球场上享受全年的运动时光
  • 在我们行业领先的练习场上完善你的球技
  • 在我们充满挑战的小型高尔夫球场打上一轮
  • 在我们屡获殊荣的俱乐部餐厅品味美景和美食


本拿比山地高尔夫球场位于本拿比北部,曾被全球权威高尔夫期刊《Golf Digest》评选为北美“最佳球场之一”。

欢迎前来参观:7600 Halifax Street, Burnaby
电话: 604-280-7355

Visiting Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is a fascinating place and how they built it remains a mystery. Every rock that was used was not native to the area. Judy and her friends stayed in the city of Cusco, a large city in the Andes Mountains close to Machu Picchu. Cusco is a lovely place but, because of the altitude, you really slow down. Your body begins to ache very easy, especially in your legs and feet. You must pace yourself by moving and walking slowly in order to maintain energy levels and lengthen the experience.

Tee It Up All Year Long

A top concern for many golf courses throughout the Lower Mainland revolves around the control of water. For an approximate three-month period, from July to September, adding water to the turf through an in-ground irrigation system is critical for dry summer conditions. On average, from November to March, the Lower Mainland experiences more than 1,000 millimeters (about 3.5 feet) of rain fall. Unfortunately, the sheer quantity of this water overpowers the natural drainage of most soil. Therefore, removing water from soil is very important to maintaining optimal playing conditions and a healthy turfgrass.

Am I Practicing to Improve My Score?

To properly answer this question, I must first ask you a very important question. What percentage of your practice time do you chip and putt? Is it 40%, 30% or closer to 15%!?

A quick and easy way to improve your game is to practice the different parts of the game in proportion to how much you use each part of the game on the golf course. For example, let’s say you shot 100 and had 36 putts.  Then, at least 36% of your time should be spent putting. Hit only 10 drivers on the golf course? In this case, that should only take about 10% of your practice schedule.

Typically, everyone can spend more time practicing their short game. So next time you’re on the course, take some time to actually track your shots! Try playing the pitch and putt courses during the off season and count how many tee shots, iron shots, pitch shots, chip shots and putts you take.

Aeration Complete

Golf courses are on off season rates. Please note driving range happy hour will change on October 31, 2016. 

Burnaby Mountain Golf Course recognized as 'Facility of the Year' in Lower Mainland

Burnaby Mountain Golf Course was recently recognized as 'Facility of the Year' in the Lower Mainland by the BC Professional Golfers’ Association (BC PGA).

Each year, the BC PGA Golf Awards honours top achievers for excellence in the golf profession in ten categories including Facility of the Year. The winners are selected for their outstanding achievements, promotion of the game, and professionalism.

BC Summer Games Event Recap

Kate Weir, Burnaby Mountain Golf Professional, recently volunteered to be the team coach for zone 4 juniors. She coached the team to a gold medal victory at the Ledgeview Golf Course in Abbotsford this summer. One of the team members, Alyssa Chang, won the individual bronze medal. Congratulations to all the young athletes!


Volunteering Trip to Colombia

Candace Walters has volunteered for one year with SOLAHIS, a Christian non-profit society that started in 2006 to assist the struggling communities of Medellin, Colombia. The centre was built for the children who live in this very impoverished state. Currently there are 175 children who are being sponsored by the non-profit society who would otherwise have nothing. The centre focuses on education first, with the ulitimate goal of ensuring that these children will be accepted into (and supported through) university. So far seven children have graduated from university through the efforts of SOLAHIS!