The New Rules of Golf

Maybe you have heard about the proposal for a huge shift in the rules of golf. Check out the possible changes that could improve your playing experience! (Sorry, gimmes are still not recognized).

Shift of Play

Golf Courses are Ready to Spring Ahead

Riverway, Burnaby Mountain & Kensington are open after another round of snow. 

Remember to Spring ahead by moving your clock ahead 1 hour this Sunday, March 12th.

Driving Range Safety Regulations

Although we want everyone to enjoy the Driving Range facilities, safety is our #1 priority. Below are some key regulations that are enforced by our staff to ensure the safety of all patrons:

Changes in Operational Hours

Due to excessive snowfall, our four golf courses are temporarily closed. Driving ranges remain open from 12pm (noon) to 6:00pm daily. Last balls sold and dispensed at 5pm daily.

Driving Range Winter Practice Tip

With the lingering winter season, now is a great time to work on contact – the ability to stand over an iron shot and know it’s going to hit the green.  Working on this skill can help to improve your distance and direction and, most importantly, your consistency from shot to shot.

Practicing this skill year-round is one of the perks of living in this part of the world. Unfortunately though, during cold spells like this, off-centre shots can send vibrations up your arms and through your entire body. But let’s take this negative, and turn it into a positive.

Here is one quick and easy tip you can use to practice during this cool season.  Be sure to have a roll of painter’s tape handy – essential for practicing this skill to improve your contact.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the staff at Burnaby Golf. The pro shops will be closed at 4:00pm on Saturday, December 31. 

Golf Travels: Hawaii

Are you looking for a unique golf experience? Try the “Guest for a Day” program at the King Kamehameha Golf Club in Central Maui. Along with breathtaking views from almost every point, this golf course offers a fun layout and first-class facilities. We had a great time playing the course and will no doubt take advantage of this incredible opportunity again on our next visit to Maui.

- Hal & June Eremko

Positivity in Visualizing

Success is only achievable by believing in yourself - and this is especially true in your golf game. Everything in golf has choices. Do you use the 3 wood or a driver?  Should you aim for the right side of the green or the left? Are you thinking about hitting the fairway, or thinking about your last round where you hit it in the lake? The positive thoughts referred to here for the game of golf are often called “visualization.”

골프 버나비에서 즐기는 최고의 골프

버나비 자연의 아름다움과 환상적인 회원제 클럽급의 시설이 만나 광역 밴쿠버의 중심에 마련되었습니다.

  • 캐나다 서부 브릿티시 컬럼비아의 환경에서 골프를 경험하세요
  • 골프 버나비에 속한 두곳의 18홀 코스에서 년중 내내 라운딩을 즐기세요
  • 최고의 시설을 자랑하는 골프연습장에서 오셔서 연습하세요
  • 수상 경력을 자랑하는 클럽하우스 레스토랑에서 멋진 풍경과 맛있는 음식을 즐기세요
  • 센트럴 공원과 켄싱턴 공원에 위치한 피치엔퍼트 코스에서 친구나 가족과 같이 도전해보세요

버나비 마운틴 골프 코스 및 연습장:

노스 버나비에 위치한 버나비 마운틴 골프 코스는 골프다이제스트(Golf Digest)에서 북미 최고중의 하나인 골프장이라는 평가를 받았습니다. 울창한 나무숲으로 이어지는 코스와 자연을 느끼실수 있는 클래식한 골프 코스입니다.